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Preparations for interview

1) Research of the employer

  • Gather the information or research on the company’s background (log on to the company’s website).
  • Review the directions/location in advance.
  • Understand the job that you applied.

2) Formal wear – looks neat, clean and professional
         (Avoid anything that distracting the interviewer - choose neutral colours).

3) Prepare extra copies of your resume, transcripts, testimonial and others supporting documents.

4) Bring a pen and notepad

  • Ready to take notes or write down the questions that pop up in your mind during the interview).

5) Be punctual

  • Arrive 15 minutes early, this will give you opportunity to relax.
  • Leave your phone silence or turn off your phone to prevent ruining your interview.

6) Make a good first impression

  • Greeting and eye-contact to the interviewer.

7) Ask questions

  • Prepare some questions, is a two-way conversations during the interview.

Interview Do’s and Don’ts

  • Be punctual, plan to arrive early 15 minutes. Late arrive the interview will never excusable.
  • Maintain eye-contact and greeting to the interviewer.
  • Prepare the questions you will ask during the interview.
  • Formal wear.
  • Do not leave your cell phone on during the interview, or glance at it at all.
  • NEVER ask about salary, bonuses or holidays at the first interview - unless you are positive the employer is interested in hiring you and raises the issue first.
  • Don't answer questions with a simple "Yes" or "No". Make sure that you explain your reasoning fully.
  • Lie. Always answer questions truthfully, frankly and as concisely as possible.
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